When A Bereavement Happens

Following the loss of a member of family or a loved one, there are a few steps that you will have take. Here is a simple guide to help you:

If the death has taken place in a Hospital, you will have to contact the Hospital bereavement officer or patient’s affairs officer. They will prepare the Medical certificate of the cause of Death, that the Hospital Doctor has completed and signed, and contact you when it is ready to be collected. If the death took place in a Hospice, then the duty Doctor will sign the Death certificate.

If the Death took place at Home, then the on-call Doctor will supply a Confirmation of Death note, that will have to be taken into the Patient’s Doctor when it is possible. Their doctor will sign and complete the Medical certificate of Death. Once you have the Certificate, it is advisable to telephone the relevant Registrars of Births and Deaths office- This has to be the one in the Borough the Death took place. And make an appointment.

The Registrar will also require the following:

  • The Medical Certificate of death
  • Full names, address, occupation, Date & place of Birth and date and place of death.
  • The registrar will also ask for you ( The Informants) details.
  • You will then be issued with a copy of a Certified copy of an Entry of Death Certificate.
  • Please be aware a charge is made for copies.
  • Bank accounts, pensions etc all require Original copies, so check on how many will be required.
  • You will also be issued with GREEN Certificate for Burial or Cremation. This is the certificate that the Funeral Director will require.

If at any point you need assistance, please telephone our office – 020 8907 3163